SIXVISION发布了2019 Set 1 “PASSION”的首弹Lookbook。包括颜色鲜明的T-shirt,首次曝光的卫衣套装、“Basement”系列腰包,以及一款“Sample-F”战术马甲。套装中的运动裤运用了两侧全开双拉链设计,实现了在三种廓形间变化的可能。前后都带有可拆卸LED显示屏的战术马甲和卫衣则展现了SIXVISION代表未来的设计语言。预售详情会在近期公布。


SIXVISION has released the first design Lookbook. Such as the fas ionable and colourful T-Shirts and the initial-public-offering hoodie set,  and the "Basement" style of waist pack, what' more, there is including a "Sample-F" waistcoat.the slacks of this set are designed as unzipping either side of dual zippers, which can make the change of 3-D model come ture. in addition, the waistcoat which has the removable LED, and the hoodie show us the design language of SIXVISION future.the detail of advance sale will announce soon. Thanks for your attention.